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O’Mara’s is the first Irish Cream to incorporate fine wine in its unique blending process, which provides a distinctly smooth flavour without a hint of the harsh aftertaste usually foundin neutral spirit-based creams. An Irish Country Cream of extraordinary smoothness made with the sweetest, richest cream in all of the Ireland and a true appreciation of good times and goodfoods.


Smooth and creamy, with rich, indulgent chocolate.

Salted Caramel

The ever popular blend of salt and caramel, wins taste-buds all over. Combined with O'Mara's original recipe, enjoy the rich and creamy toffee notes, rounded off perfectly with a hint of sea salt.

Strawberries and Cream

Luscious strawberries and decadent cream are blended with O'Mara's original recipe to create this modern Irish Classic.

Chocolate Orange

A deliciously decadent blend of fresh Irish dairy cream and chocolate with a zesty orange finish.

Lamington – NEW

A velvety and decadent cream, with notes of New Zealand’s beloved chocolate and coconut flavoured cake.

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